Best CRM software in India

Best CRM software in India


What is CRM System ?

Customer Leads Management means to keep in touch with your current and new customers

Managing relation with your new and current customers by using software

What is application of CRM System ?

Mostly it is used to manage Sales Leads & service

You can associate your new coming customer and follow up   

All leads will be in pipeline 

You will not miss a single lead

Proper follow up, add communication notes and follow update

Advantage of CRM System 

By using CRM software you can manage your sales leads perfectly 

You can analyze your leads source, over all leads analysis

Follow Up date wise

Discussion with customer is inline

All leads will be captured and consumed

Easy to keep your inquiry in pipeline

You can conclude that in which sector you need to do marketing

All over business revenue will be improved 

Business Strategy improved, Efficiency & Speed of leads capturing increased


Features of CRM Software

Sales leads management

First we have to add leads in our software


Quotation means estimate of price which contains quantity of products, terms and condition , bank details and Customer & vendor details.

Purchase Order PO

Purchase Order is the important document sent by buyer. Buyer will sent Purchase order after bargaining. PO represents approved final price from the buyer company.

They match Purchase Order with Invoice.

If there is any change in Purchase Order after sent it to Vendor Company then Customer Company issues the edited purchased order which is called Revised Purchase Order or Revised PO. 

It means “The order given by customer company to then vendor company is called Purchase Order.”

Performa Invoice PI

Performa Invoice is used to confirm the final price, service and terms & conditions of product from the Vendor Company Side  before payment.

Performa Invoice is sent against Purchase Order

Lead Source

We can mention sales leads source from where inquiry has been generated 

Follow Up Date wise 

In simple language follow up means updates in inquiry. If you have an update then you can add upcoming follow up date


If any update in inquiry then we can note down the update in Remark Section 


Leads priority can be set manually in priority section 

Like High, Very High, Low, Very Low etc


Every inquiry changes its stage 

We have given stage 

New, Contacted, Working, Active , Discarded & Lost 


On dashboard you can see all over leads analysis

in that you can see all customer list whom to be followed up on that day

You can see Today’s task in which you can see the list of all the customers who are to be followed on that day


Contact management will be easy


Empower CRM Software is cheapest CRM software in India.

We have made this software for sales leads follow-up date wise 

We have provided a CRM Dashboard in our software where you can see the Pie chart analysis of all leads on screen

Below that you can see the Today’s task bar which has all leads to be follow -up today 

You can edit the leads if any update and save comment of customer in remark and action taken by sales person and upcoming follow-up date

There are different stages are given to mark the stage of inquiry

All leads can be shorted by name, modification date, follow-up date, price, company name , product, stage & priority

For service management we have provided the cases in CRM


EMPOWER ERP is more than just a company that offers the best service

However, implementing a buyer purchase plan does not happen overnight.

Buyer will inquire in more then one companies and get the Quotation of same product to compare the price, quality & service.

After that he will also observe how smoothly you have explained the product in your catalog. Buyer will surely have some questions in the product specification.

Buy it doesn’t mean that the buyer will contact you further for that query

If you will not make relation with that customer then you will lost that lead

From here the word comes out Customer Relationship Management or Client Relationship Management CRM.

By using CRM software you can keep in touch with your customer 

Your all leads will be managed if you will do proper follow up your leads 

EMPOWER CRM makes it easy and you don’t have to keep any lead in your mind or on paper. By using our software your all leads will be managed properly and you can analyze the leads source also. Ultimately your productive time will be saved and you can utilize  your time in Business Development.

You must begin from the beginning, as this blog post suggests.

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