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How you react & respond to your inquiry creates your first impression on the client. Along with that, it is also important to respond in a timely manner which is why we created the

best CRM for a small business in India


Empower CRM module is a useful

lead management software in India

to help you manage your inquiries, timely follow-ups & help you with consumer analysis. Our

free CRM software for a small business in India

is functionally rich, intuitive, and trusted by leading industrial behemoths.

Manage Inquiry

You can register your inquiry with the quoted price, its stage, priority, source & description. Later you can add logs of every discussion in no time. You can filter/sort by price, product, area, stage, priority & date using the

best online CRM software


Manage Case

With our

best lead management software

, you can manage your service like repairing & AMC or any other kind of service by creating a case. Define its stage, priority, source, subject & description. And you can add multiple logs of events until its closure.

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Best Features of CRM Software

Follow-up On Time

Get ready list to do follow up today. Enhance your response to client and increase your chance of win

Improve Communication

In each inquiry you can add multiple logs of discussion done with client. Helps remove communication gap in team.

Improve Sales

You can monitor & give valuable inputs to win any inquiry. It can improve your sales & client’s experience.

Improve Service

Creating case for every service, you can improve your service & win trust of your client

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Lets see how CRM software works

What you can do in India's best CRM Software?
Functions of CRM Module

What you can do in India's best CRM Software?

✅ Unique Dashboard
✅ Today's Task, Pending leads shows on Dashboard
✅ Create customer & Contacts
✅ Create customer category & group to filter them as required
✅ Entry of sales lead and manage it till won
✅ Entry of service call and manage it till solved
✅ Multiple user access
✅ Create proforma invoice & quotation
✅ Enter multiple logs of discussion done with customer
✅ Give your client smooth experience during buying
✅ Remove communication gap in sales team
✅ Never miss any inquiry / Sales lead
✅ Helps to do easy & quickly sales review meeting
✅ Helps you manage all service calls Start Free Trial

Benefits of Empower ERP GST billing software

Expense Tracking

Empower can track your expanse and gives report of your spending.

Useful Dashboard

Empower provides unique dashboard to keep you focus on your sales figure and cashflow

GST Return summary

Empower gives quick summery to file GST returns

Multiple Reports

Empower gives no of report like sales report, purchase report, payment report etc.

Create beautiful invoice

Empower creates GST ready invoice in good format

Manage Outstanding Payment

Empower give quick list of sales & purchase outstanding payment


Select Plan as per your need

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Best suitable for

Who can use lead management software?

Type of business

  • Traders
  • Manufacturer
  • Wholesaler
  • Stockiest
  • Sales office
  • Retailers

Best fit Industry

  • Engineering
  • Metal & Mining
  • Electronics & Electrical
  • Automobile
  • Chemical
  • Machinery
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Frequently Asked Questions

Empower ERP is best CRM software in india to manage sale inquiry and service calls of your business.
You can manage sales inquiries of indiamart in empower ERP CRM software easily by creating leads of every inquiry.
Empower ERP is best sales leads management software. you can manage sales leads stage, priority, call of action, logs of multiple discussion.
You can create case for each service call and manage stage, priority, logs of action and closing description in empower erp software.
CRM = Client relationship management. CRM software helps you manage our sales inquiry and service and improves experience of customer dealing with you
Any one can use Empower ERP free CRM software for 30days to manage sales inquiry and service.
In Empower ERP CRM software you can create customer category and customer group to manage customers and get list of customer of particular group when required
Empower ERP gives you many filters and sorting method so you can sort all inquiry by price, date or last follow-up date. so you can quickly do sales review meeting using Empower ERP software.
Any manufacturing company, trading company, sale office, trader, wholesaler, stockiest can use CRM software. Mostly whose sales inquiry takes time to close must use CRM software.
CRM software is most useful to manage sale inquiry and service. It increase chance of win every inquiry, reduce communication gap in your team, provides smooth buying experience to your customer

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